What to expect to see and how to avoid online scams

What to expect to see and how to avoid online scams

Welcome to my world. I like to tell you a little about myself and why I’m saying what I’m going to tell you.

It’s a secret that we all get chased by some people once in a while, Most of the time people we know and sometimes close to us.

I have being guilty of that because I was involve almost in every one of those mlm businesses the one preach get rich quickly.

But let me tell you some are legit, But the problem with them is you have to be pushy to succeed.

So the bottom lines I ended up with No friends and related ones stop answering my phone calls.

When this happened to you it is really bad. And you find yourself No friends, Family members staying away from you and that is depressing.

Who want to live their lives like this?

What to do? Kept asking myself?

I was desperate to do something and be successful in it. I know I work hard and I follow directions well but I need the know how.

Well So I start to hear more and more about Affiliate Marketing on line business it sounded good to me and I don’t remember well how I get introduced to one of them it wasn’t too expensive was like $99. To sign up.

they have some instructional videos wasn’t bad but not enough to be able to succeed unless you’re familiar with it.

They introduce their members to a company to start their website so bought the name and they put together a generic website then I have to build and the problem was I never had experience with Word express and I need to build it.

I had to pay someone to build it for me and at that time someone introduce me to another company.

I spoke with them they claimed they are the best they will build the website, complete and display the ads on actually.

It sounded so good and the price was don’t remember exactly because I want to forget about it.

But it was the cheaper one abut little less than $2000 the most expensive around $5000. I was so desperate and made it sound like it will start make money from the get-go.

I was so wrong, off course I was desperate and I bought the top of the line package I felt so stupid at the time and they control the site.

Then I got determent to build a site somehow since I pay for that stupid site I kept it but was not convinced.

And one day I got an email from someone I don’t remember who and how I got it telling me about wealthy affiliate so I thought Oh god another one, and I deleted my email.

2 days later I got the same email so I was curious I opened it and left it alone couple days.

Then I open the email again I said let me look how much this one want to suck out of me.

When I looked at the information I was looking for dollar amount and what get my attention was

build your website for free so I was so very careful I got a website name cost me $0.0 and built a website that one cost me $0.0 also.

I said to myself it get to be surprise somewhere and waited couple of days waiting for someone to contact me and ask me if I want to join as premium member.

And when I saw the lessons I thought this where they going to get me.

I’m going to be careful so I was very impressed they did not come across they trying to clean me out.

So I purchased a domain that was 2 days later and then I signed up to premium and no, it wasn’t in the thousands.

It was on special that time $29. Regular price $49. And no upfront fees, So I did not sleep that night going thru the lessons I was so impressed.

I was thinking I’m going to be able to build the website myself in the morning I changed my membership to yearly. And never felt better.

There are the nicest members at Wealthy affiliates Everyone so friendly and so helpful.

When you stuck on something you don’t understand just put a message in the system and in a matter of minutes.

you will receive so much help members trying to help each other, I was and still in the shock.

So my friends there going to be no nonsense promises you can build the free one, you are welcome or you can become Premium member whenever you feel ready and get all the support.

It is your choice. Off course premium member have more access to lessons you can become professional in building website.

All that at no extra charges.

Your success is all up to you, to succeed you have to work hard on your site you’ll get all the help you need but you need to do the work.

That’s all to the story. Now I know my way around Word press I’m proud to say and it didn’t cost me Thousands and not even hundreds. Trying to share the fortune we have.

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